My Inspiration

Hello again!  Last time on my blog I was talking about art as therapy.  Of course, this subject could be well expanded upon, and I may go into to more about what it means to me at a later date, but today I want to talk about inspiration.

Another very big subject, I’m sure all you artists would agree, but this is what moves me and how I see inspiration.

Probably one of the biggest inspirations in my art and life are my two girls!  This may sound cliché, but its so true.  Their beauty, manner, determination and respect for others  inspire me greatly.  It also gives me a sense of pride!  I have always loved to paint women in a lot of my art, because the female form is beautiful, but also as a homage to the strength in women.  I have many muses that I draw my inspiration from, singers, historical figures, royalty, actors and their characters.  Women of all shapes and sizes make up this world of ours, and I like to paint the ‘essence’ of that person, not necessarily the person themselves.

Inspiration of course also comes from nature.  Fauna and flora, especially birds and insects.  Sometimes I will photograph shapes in nature, a curving tree branch, a wave, a collection of stones etc, to get inspiration for patterning rather than to paint the actual scene.

Which brings me to another inspo:  patterns.  This could be a wallpaper, a piece of cloth, a drawing or art style.  Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two of my favourites!  The gorgeous flowing styles of Art Nouveau are something I would love to use more in my art.  I have photos of architecture from New York as well, which is influenced by the Deco style.

Recently though, I have been doing a few small pieces of local birds.  I love all the birdlife that inhabit where I live and have painted a few; with a twist!  A Magpie as a dive bomber, Curlew as a catwalk queen, a Pelican as a fisherman etc.  Just a little experiment in looking into their personalities!

Inspiration is such a very personal thing, and there are no rules as to where it’s drawn from.  I like to think there are no rules in art at all, that is what makes it amazing!   It is like a personal journal of life experience, an outlet and form of self-expression and communication.  I have mentioned before those other artists are a massive inspiration as well.  The people who have been there before us, creating and telling stories, will always inspire and stir our own thoughts into the creation of inspiring pieces for others to enjoy!

I love to watch another artist’s process and learn a technique to put to use.  Never should an artist out and out copy another’s work, but there are plenty of people who are willing to show us how they do their work on YouTube etc, and we can definitely apply the processes in our own way!   I consider this a learning curve and a way to improve myself.

And that is why art is a great for the mind and soul!

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