Art Is My Therapy

Hello and welcome to my blog!  This space will be devoted to mostly arty things, but also my life as well.  In this first blog I’d like to talk about art as therapy.  Now let me say up front I am not a therapist or expert on any of these subjects; this is purely my experience and how I personally see it.

Art for me is definitely an outlet.  It is a form of meditation for me.  I could easily pass a few hours or more painting or mucking around in my studio.  Mind you, my back would tend to disagree,  but as long as I have a break every so often to stretch, I can manage!  Just the thought of doing something creative gets me excited for the day!  A purpose, using my mind and solving problems.  And believe me, art is partly about solving problems!  (What do I paint? Composition? Colours? The whole thing just making sense!)  It is definitely problem solving, meditation and  therapyMy mind is very busy.  It talks all the time and that can be exhausting.  Putting paint on a canvas helps quiet that chat and express some beautiful thoughts.  Usually it helps me too if I have my headphones on and listen to an audiobook or podcast.  Music also helps, but I find I like to learn something else or catchup on my “reading” whilst I paint.  When I can see the work coming to life, the endorphins run free.  It can be like a drug.

Keeping the mind busy is an important ingredient in staving off anxiety and depression, in my opinion.  Planning and researching is so much fun, and one of my favourite things is watching all types of artists techniques and taking tips.  Now, I’m not saying ‘copy’.  But we can all be influenced by the techniques of others, their subject matter and style. And it can definitely help any artist through a painters block! Being part of a painting group or club is a wonderful way to swap notes and hints and watch others paint,  not to mention the friendships made!   A couple of my other favourite ways to get the arty inspiration going is to watch Youtube videos on techniques or on how to use certain art products.  I also love art books, whether it be on a particular artist or art style or about a museum or gallery!  Flicking through the pages always gives me an instant sense of calm.  A visit to any gallery is never complete without going to the Gallery Store or bookshop. (Sometimes the best part

There’s probably not a day goes by I’m not thinking about a project or what’s next in my studio.  When I’m away, say on holidays for awhile, I always take photos that could be a future inspiration or subject.  These photos aren’t necessary scenery either! They could be a beautiful wallpaper or a rock formation, a pattern in a carpet or a tree branch.  theirs so much out there to look for and in doing this I feel I’m keeping in touch with the flow, the thoughts of creating, the meditation

Now, nothing I’ve expressed here is new to you artists out there!  We are all a breed that looks at the world a little differently.  And that is great!  I love that there is a tribe of people who can create different realities for our minds and also pieces of beauty, pieces to shock us, repulse us, amaze us and calm us.  For me, seeing these things helps my mind rest and take in another reality when the ‘real’ reality is overwhelming.  That is the magic of art to me!

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