A Successful Show!

Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote on this blog, but I’m feeling quite enthusiastic at the moment! I have recently become part of a group call BAC or Brisbane Art Collective and the purpose of this group is to exhibit together at different venues around Brisbane. We had our inaugural show Wed 15th March and it was great! I sold 5 paintings, which was amazing for me!

I’ve met some other lovely artists through the group, and we have about 5 more shows at this point booked in for the future. How great is that! I literally stumbled cross this group on FB, and after a bit of back and forth online with the creator of the group, everything fell into place and we have approx. 25 members. And this brings me to my point: I have been looking for a group to join for ages and this one fit the bill for me. It is very hard and very expensive to a) get enough pieces together to create your own show and b) pay the fees most galleries will want just to show your work for a week!

Being part of a group or collaboration is sometimes a great solution to this! The BAC share the costs and the gallery duties and I have been able to meet some new people along the way! My hobby will never make me a millionaire, but exhibiting your work is great just for exposure! People may see your work and be drawn to your FB group, website etc.

Sometimes it is just the fun of being part of something that we artists crave. I for one find it very satisfying to see my work on a wall, someone with champagne in hand standing there and looking, admiring (or maybe hating!) my creation. You should never feel insulted, we are all different and are moved by different art. And there is always that one person who loves your stuff and, there you go, a sale! Bonus!

I plan to continue exhibiting with this group in the near future, and also in other shows that suit me. If someone out there has a small piece of my work in their home to make them smile, mission accomplished! Great fun just to be a contributor, but even better when it involves a small red dot!

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